Chemex Bonded Filters


Chemex Bonded Coffee Filters – Set of 2

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Genuine Chemex coffee filters are key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee with the Chemex coffee maker. Chemex coffee filters ensure the full extraction of desirable elements from the coffee, while eliminating undesirable bitter oils, acids, and fine sediment. Chemex coffee filters are designed for optimal coffee filtration speed (not too fast or too slow). The grain and heavy construction of the filter paper is truly unique in the world of coffee filters, and no other filter can compare to the Chemex coffee filters in performance.

Since its creation in 1941, the Chemex coffeemaker has remained unchanged. A flawless combination of elegance and function, the Chemex coffeemaker brews pure, flavorful coffee each time.

  • Available in pre-folded and unfolded options
  • 100 Filters per box
  • Set of (2) two

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