Chemex Handblown Water Kettle


Chemex CTKG Handblown Glass Water Kettle


Model CTKG

Our hand-blown glass Chemex Water Kettle has been a favorite of Chemex customers for many years. Without question, the Chemex Water Kettle is the most elegant and beautiful kettle ever designed and has been included in the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The 2-quart Chemex Water Kettle can be filled through the neck or its pouring spout. As water boils, the kettle’s silicone steam stopper leads steam up and out, while the neck remains cool for use as a handle.

For use on electric stoves with exposed coils, we recommend the Chemex wire grid to prevent fracture.

  • 2 Quart
  • 10″ Tall
  • 8″ Diameter

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