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Metro Super Erecta Wire Shelves

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Metro Super Erecta is the original wire storage system that was introduced over 30 years ago. Super Erecta shelving can be found in restaurants, hotels, food processing companies, hospitals, and laboratories around the world. It is the commercial parent of our popular consumer line of heavy-duty steel wire shelving, InterMetro Professional’s Choice. Most of the elements are interchangeable between the two lines – for example, an InterMetro wire shelf fits a Metro Super Erecta post and vice versa. Metro Super Erecta is built even stronger and sturdier, of course, and more wire shelf and post sizes are available.

The steel wire ribbing of the Super Erecta shelf runs across the shorter dimension and is spaced close together to create an incredibly sturdy shelf. A Super Erecta shelf up to 48″ long can hold up to 800 Lbs. per shelf. Shelves longer than 48″ can hold up to 600 Lbs. per shelf.

Concerning 14″ deep shelves, it is recommended that foot plates be used on freestanding units and not with posts higher than 74″; and on mobile the units with posts not higher than 54″.

The shelves are available in two standard, durable commercial finishes: chrome and black. Other shelf finishes and other shelving styles also are available by contacting the 125West Concierge. Included with each shelf are four pairs of post sleeves for mounting the shelf on four posts. Each shelf is sold individually from open stock.


Please allow about seven days for delivery of your Metro Super Erecta wire shelf.

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